Generate Additional Revenue
From Your Equipment.

Own Equipment?

Grow your business with Axl.
In only a few simple steps, Axl allows you to list and earn more from your equipment fleet:

Step 1: Sign up and complete your business profile.

Step 2: List your equipment by providing the specifications, hiring rates and four images showcasing the equipment.

Step 3: Review and quickly respond to all booking enquiries.

Step 4: Approve booking enquiries and discuss the details with the renter.

Step 5: Review the payment status of your booking. Axl collects all rental fees upfront on your behalf, securing your income before your equipment does the hard work. 

Step 6: Start the job. Ensure that the equipment arrives as arranged with the renter, in line with the rental terms. 

Step 7: Receive the returned equipment, complete the booking and rate the renter.

Step 8: Upon completion of the booking, Axl will make the full payout directly to your account.

Benefits of Axl:
  • Increase sales, reach more customers and optimize your equipment business
  • Secure your income with our upfront payment service
  • Securely manage your cash flow and automate your account collections and invoicing
  • Manage your fleet from anywhere with the unique scheduling tool
  • Communicate with your clients through the messaging function
  • You can also hire equipment with Axl, should you require additional or specialised equipment. Click here for more info.

How Axl Works

Axl connects equipment renters with equipment owners. Think of Axl as a digital marketplace for all your equipment rental needs.

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about signing up, listing or hiring equipment through Axl. We would love to connect with you.

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