Tractors are available in a variety of sizes and ages, as evidenced by the listings on Axl. When looking to rent farm equipment prices vary quite considerably. We did some analysis on the average rates per tractor HP class and found the following results:

  1. Tractors 50Hp – 90Hp R272.00 per hour (Average)
  2. Tractors 90Hp – 175Hp R370 per Hectare or R712 per Hour (Average)
  3. Tractors 175Hp – 350Hp R480 per Hectare or R948 per Hour (Average)
  4. Tractors 350Hp + R1667 per Hour (Average)

Different farms have different needs when it comes to equipment and costs. If you’re considering hiring a tractor, it’s important to keep in mind that the costs are calculated based on dry rates. This means that transport to the site/farm and diesel and operator costs are not included. Larger tractors use larger implements which can cover more ground in less time, so it’s worth considering the size of the job when deciding on the number or size of the tractor you need.

At we have a range of different tractors to suit different requirements, so we can help you find the perfect match for your needs.

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